Who we are?

Cenetri Publishing Group is established with an aim to promote the importance of sharing knowledge and the way it chose is, through Open Access Journals, Conferences and Workshops, making the research easily available to everyone.

Why is this idea?

The present world is turning itself into a database of knowledge, inventions, innovations, technology, advancements and developments in almost every aspect.

The key role in these drastic improvements is played by “Research”, i.e., gathering a detailed information about a respective thing, which is a result of an ordinary person’s curiosity. This interest to know various things, have been developing day by day in every part of the world and is resulting in a number of advancements. However, this research and knowledge will be of no or minimal use when unshared.

Keeping this in mind, Cenetri wishes to play a predominant part in sharing these research advancements, latest trends, and all the available scientific literature through its Open Access Journals and the Conferences.

What is our Motto?

 To target the scientific world and provide them a single platform where the researchers can find all the scientific data at a place and to make even a common person of a remote place reach the advancements in science and technology with a single click, which in turn helps people to have a better career and a better living. After all, research is only to improve human’s life.

What exactly we do?

Cenetri Open Access Journals urge to build a good platform for Scientists and Researchers in various fields to propagate their research to international viewers and also to offer a free access to the quality information to all the readers. The information presented undergoes a prior stringent peer-review process, which ensures its quality and thus maintaining the high standards.

Cenetri Publishers shares the scientific literature by publishing various kinds of manuscripts viz., Original Research, Reviews, Case Reports, Short Communications, Mini Reviews, Editorials, letter to Editors, Opinions etc., in its journals.

The Conferences held under Cenetri Publishing Group hopes to create an interactive platform between the students, upcoming researchers and the experts from academic institutions as well as industries. In general, the conference will be on the current topics among the highly researched fields in order to make the younger generations aware of the ongoing research and further motivate them in choosing a better career in the respective areas.

Cenetri Workshops stands a step more than the conferences and make students involved in designing or researching in respective areas in a detailed manner under the guidance and supervision of various academicians.

What research fields do we cover?

What not, Cenetri targets to cover various Medical, Clinical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Engineering fields over a broad spectrum through its journals and in-depth on the current trends in these areas through its conferences and workshops.

How do we do?

Cenetri Publishing Group is highly conscious about the word it believes, the word it says, the word it publishes. We ensure to have highly professional, real-time researchers as our expert team and a perfect list of researchers as authors.

For Journals, from the time of receipt of manuscripts, Cenetri follows a definite double-blinded peer review procedure as per the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) norms that, starts with a plagiarism check to make sure there is no copied content or infringement of copyrights and further evaluating the manuscripts with a board of expert reviewers and editors.

For Conferences and Workshops, Cenetri assures to bring forward various eminent professionals to provide a comprehensive idea on the current research.

How are we Different?

Even though there are various Publishing groups, Cenetri Publishing Group started with a scientific interest and is different from those publishing groups in providing and maintaining the quality of manuscripts, expert peer-review process, lifetime archiving and even providing various journals that encourages the research in all fields. We make sure that, our journals will make any kind of manuscript fit in them, covering a vast number of research areas. Cenetri also accommodates an easy submission process, timely clarifications, and a clear communication system.

Cenetri targets in Open Accessing the research to a maximum extent, for which it chose different ways of creating awareness that includes, but not limited to its journals, conferences, and workshops. We aim to create a vast platform of scientists, researchers and readers, for which we are also planning to make use of the social media. It is well-known fact that, in this current era, social media has nothing that it cannot do, and so, Cenetri wishes to reach the various communities of the society, create an awareness on the ongoing research in various fields, to these communities through the social media, which will be faster, user-friendly and broader. Our main objective is to make “Science on hands”.

Conferences and workshops, unlike others, will be held in such a way to educate the participants on the trending scientific topics.