A Glimpse on Biotechnology

Biotechnology in simple terms is a technological application using biological systems for the benefit of living beings. In the coming days, human existence and survival would surely be dependent on the development and advancements in biotechnology.

Biotechnology which came into existence long back has a promising future. Biotechnology is importantly applied into major categories such as health care, animal & agriculture, food and industrial processes and wildlife management and conservation. The field of Biotechnology proved to be the golden tool to solve several global issues like fatal diseases, global warming and industrial problems.

Brewing was an application of biotechnology used in early days. Several advances of biotechnology can be cited with the discovery of GM foods, GM crops, rDNA technologies for therapeutics, transgenic animals, biofuels and bioremediation, DNA computers and nanotechnology.

Everything in this world has both pros and cons. Similarly, Biotechnology also has both the favourable aswellas negative effects. According to reported data, transgenic animals may cause certain serious health and ecological hazards. Some of the hazards of biotechnology applications may include allergies, nutritional imbalance, toxic effects, fluctuations in food diversity and bioweapons, etc. Yet the biotechnological research is under budding stage and it definitely needs a lot of research is to be continued.

Day by day, biotechnology moves into the broad path of technological advancements. Biotechnology has gained a significant position with the extremely productive and innovative technologies. The coming generation of 21st century would be transformed into the scientific world.


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