Alzheimer’s Brings Out Your Second Childishness

To forget once in a while is human nature. It could be a wonder to forget most of the daily works we perform. Forgetting most basic things of life may be signs of a more serious memory problem called Alzheimer’s. Years ago, forgetfulness is only a condition which occurs at old age. Today Alzheimer’s is progressing rapidly and is ranked in top ten causing death. More than four million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and also women are more affected than men. The chance of getting Alzheimer’s increases after the age of 60 years.

Alzheimer’s has no cure but treatments for symptoms are available and research continues to find better options. Scientists are researching to find out the complex brain changes involved in the onset and progression of this serious condition. The National Institute on Aging is supporting and conducting research on Alzheimer’s disease.

Hippocampus of brain stores the memories. In Alzheimer’s, the initial loss occurs to take place in the hippocampus. Healthy neurons stop working and also die, thereby brain is affected. By the final stage of Alzheimer’s, damage to neurons is widespread and brain tissue is shrunk more significantly. Though memory loss is the best-known Alzheimer’s symptom, the disease can also cause cognitive and psychiatric problems. Finally Alzheimer’s brings into mind, Shakespeare’s seventh stage which is poetically called second childishness.

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