Athletes may Reap Benefits from Coffee Consumption

Coffee is the leading worldwide beverage and one of humankind’s oldest drugs. Coffee contains many biologically active compounds. Caffeine has enjoyed a long history of use as an ergogenic aid that improves athletic performance and endurance. It can be a powerful ergogenic aid at levels that are quite less than the acceptable limit of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and could be beneficial in training and in competition.

The exact mechanism behind ergogenic effect of caffeine for short-term exercise is not yet known. There is a necessity that needs a lot of research to bring about the facts of coffee in improving performance. The present scientific data does not validate the statement that caffeine-induced diuresis during exercise, or any unfavorable fluid imbalance that would negatively affect athlete’s performance.

Apart from improving performance, coffee can bring about health and happiness as it protects against heart disease, lowers the risk of liver cancers and stroke, promotes regular digestion and helps to burn fat, increases alertness, concentration, and especially mental performance. Caffeine is currently listed as a restricted drug by IOC. According to the reported data from science publications its is concluded that moderate consumption of coffee can yield certain health benefits, high intake or more than the moderate levels may prove to be risky. Hence Excessive intake is not recommended for the sport individuals.


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