How to beat Common Cold

Cold:The winter time can really hit your immune system and as it becomes sluggish. Usually, a stronger immune system can ward off any illness. Why do cold weather make you sick? It is because the cold conditions favor the germs to survive. Cold is caused by the virus. It is usually spread through airborne micro-organisms from coughing and sneezing by infected people.

In this context, when cold season is in full swing, we need to stay hygiene and lead a healthy life.  Colds come in all shapes and sizes. It is always best to wash hands in order to help falling sick.

If you are hit by cold, it is good to stay home and get enough rest, eat healthy food, drink plenty of fluids, sweat a little. It is advised to workout with cold for a short time to make you feel better. Exercise can increase body temperature and also relieves from congestion. Also stay hydrated when you opt to exercise. Taking over-the-counter pain or cold medicines. There’s usually no need to see your doctor with the common cold, unless the cold lasts for long time. Sometimes, colds may even lead to bacterial infections in ears, sinuses and in lungs.

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