Beating Heart through Regeneration

Heart failure is a bothering disease in most of the developed nations. Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, angina or heart failure are more common in countries like USA. Heart disease needs medical attention on urgent basis to save lives. The depletion of cardiomyocytes often leads to the heart failure.  Current traditional medical treatment options are unable to fully address the burden of disease, but can prolong survival rate by protecting rest of the cardiomyocytes. The human heart doesn’t have the capacity to regenerate and the also count of heart muscle cells drops as a person attains age. Transplantation remains a key barrier due to shortage of donor hearts.

Several strategies for promoting heart regeneration have emerged with the research studies conducted by major medical universities. Biologists at the University of Houston have developed novel tools for heart regeneration. Although some of these medical strategies remain confined to basic research, few are under clinical trials.

In Today’s world, Life would become more convenient and comfortable, if the human body can pretty well be able to repair itself. A new wave of research may fulfill the hope of patients hopefully in the next decade.



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