Is Biodynamic Farming a Better Organic Agricultural Practice?

Food is simply a medicine for good health. Food products will be good only when the farming stands behind them. Have ever felt really crappy when you had junk food? Eating healthy food grown in a healthier way can make us feel better. Biodynamic farming is one of the options to be healthy offering quality nutritious food. It  might just be advancing importance in the USA, however Biodynamic principles were introduced in the US after 1924.

Biodynamic food is trending in the current year 2017 and the demand for organic food is increasing. According to research, Biodynamic foods are known to be highly nutritious than conventionally farmed vegetables and fruits. However, no individual or a company is a better farmer than Mother Nature herself. Biodynamic farming is extending beyond organic farming. Like organic farming, Biodynamic farming prohibits the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides creating a balanced farm ecosystem. Biodynamic farming requires a farm system which produces its own system of fertility through compost and nutrients from the integration of livestock and the rotation of crops. Biodynamic crops produce antioxidants beneficial to humans and also enrich the taste and flavor of food.

All biodynamic farms are organic, but they go a step further, emphasizing biodiversity, crop rotation, greenhouse management, animal welfare, and soil fertility management. Biodynamic farming can also curb carbon emissions acting as a potential solution to the global warming.

Now more than a dozen US food companies like Amy’s Kitchen, Back to The Roots, Lakewood Juices, Lundberg Family Farms, Oxford Biodynamics and Republic of Tea are now sourcing from biodynamic farms.

Demeter, Biodynamic Association, Sero Biodynamic Seed are the non-profit organizations in America, Biodynamic Marketing Company in Australia are established to distribute Biodynamic produce to consumers and also promote Biodynamic agriculture.

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