Biotechnology Advances to Treat Bowel Diseases

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) is a medical condition that involves severe inflammation to the digestive tract and often painful. IBD can lead to life-threatening complications and also increase the risk for colon cancer. Gastroenterologists define Crohn’s, disease as an inflammation which can occur anywhere in the digestive tract. However, the ulcerative colitis only involves inflammation of colon or the large intestine. There is no single ideal therapy which can treat or control inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), though many effective treatments are into existence.

As there is no cure to IBD, scientists are actively researching to explore new approaches for IBD treatment. Doctors follow several treatment options, including anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, immune system suppressors, other medications or natural treatment approach.  Diet and lifestyle changes, are also suggested for suppressing the disease to certain extent. When none of the treatment option relieves IBD signs and symptoms, surgery may be recommended. An USA based Biopharmaceutical Company – Protagonist Therapeutics Inc is clinically moving forward to discover a new drug for treating inflammatory bowel disease. This Company aims on the development of oral peptide therapeutics, a targeted therapy to invade IBD. Further understanding of disease can help to develop better treatment and improve quality of life.


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