A Blog on Human Machine

Human brain has amazed everyone with its capacity throughout the ages. The work nature of  human brain is complex. It is made up of 100 billion  neurons plus a trillion glial cells. Brain makes amazing things and is proved with the world’s great wonders which are made out of human brain thinking power. Human Brain performs most vital functions of the body and is the command center for the central nervous system. The human brain acts like a system which stores a person’s memories very safely.

It is no wonder to say that the brain is an incredible organ in the human body which serves with physical and cognitive abilities. Most of us do not remember much of our childhood because the hippocampus of brain wasn’t developed enough to build a rich memory. Distinctive character of a person is influenced by the brain which gives a person thoughts, speech, feelings, emotions and passion.

Not all the humans have same mind, we have always been fascinated with the brains of famous people. Humans always keep thinking, and they have thousands of thoughts a day. Neurology is still in its infant stage, Scientists and psychologists are continually attempting to learn working capacity of brain work to create our powerful human mind.

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