To Booze is to Increase your Cancer Risk

Alcohol is a part of  partying and enjoyment. Drinking alcohol may increase risk of cancer. The less alcohol you drink, the lower the risk of cancer. Both drinking and smoking together cause many ill effects to human. Alcohol causes both short term and long term effects.

Not everyone who drinks alcohol or all alcoholic beverages will develop cancer. But on the whole, It is found that some cancers are common in people who drink alcohol in huge amount. According to US Department of Health and Human Services, there might be a strong association between alcohol and cancers. Alcoholic beverages act a human carcinogens. A person who consumes alcohol in large quantities will be at high risk in developing associated cancers. Extensive research by NIH clearly stated the association between heavy alcohol consumption and the development of various cancers of Head and neck, mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, breast, the pancreas, ovary, prostate, stomach, uterus, bladder colon and rectum. The National Cancer Institute recommends the serving size of alcohol for both men and women.

How alcohol causes cancer? Alcohol forms cancer causing chemicals in the body which can damage DNA thereby leading to cancer. Health-conscious people should follow the recommended limits and try to cut down drinking habit in order to safeguard future health.

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