Not just a Woman’s Disease but Men’s too – Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer  related deaths in women. Usually when talking about the breast cancer most of the focus is on women but men too can develop it. However breast cancer is known to be a rare disease in men compared to women. As the incidence rate of  breast cancer in men is low, hence not widely known. Breast cancer affects people mostly due to lack of  awareness.

Breast cancer can be appeared in the form of a lump or a discharge from the nipple. The incidence of breast cancer  is due to the lifestyle factors such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol use, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, estrogen exposure, is delayed childbirths. Radiation exposure, liver disease, testicle disease and genetic factors also contribute to the risk of breast cancer. Early detection and treatment can succeed in the survival rate. One can fight off the disease with the regular self-examination, clinical examination and mammography tests once in a year after 40 years. People with the family history of breast cancer must get their genetic testing for early screening. Healthy and nutritious diet aids in reducing the risk of breast cancer as per the report of The American Cancer Society to fight cancer.

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