What can be done to Prevent Cancers in Children?

Cancers in children would a worst night mare to the parents. Every year, over 300,000 children develop cancer worldwide. Cancer  is the second leading cause of death in children from age group of 1 to 14 years. Cancer in children would be similar to that of adult cancer but with few differences. However, childhood cancers can occur unexpectedly with no early symptoms but having a high rate of cure.

The most common type of children’s cancer is leukemia. Other cancers affecting children include brain tumors, spinal cord tumors. lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, neuroblastoma, bone cancer and retinoblastoma. The root cause of most children´s cancers is still unclear. DNA alterations in at early stage of life or sometimes before birth may result in childhood cancers. Environmental factors like radiation exposure may also be a factor causing cancer.

In child cancer, recognized symptoms may appear including an inability to wee, blood in the wee, unexplained fits, sweating or fevers and also frequent infections or flu-like symptoms. Signs, symptoms and treatment options depend on the cancer type  and stage of  advancement. Childhood cancers are rare and treatment may include surgery, biological therapy, radiation and chemotherapy.

In terms of clinical knowledge, babies are just challenging as they cannot express what they are feeling. Babies tend to get aggressive cancers and it’s hard to predict when they’re getting sick. Also some develop cancer before birth and is already progressed.

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