Color Code of Biotechnology

Color plays a vital role in the world of communications representing thoughts, actions and reactions. Colours inspire, motivate and uplift humankind. Biotechnology is considered to be the significant technological field for nation’s economy and so called the base of bioeconomy.

Biotechnology and the world of colours have always been intertwined in promotion and understanding of biotech applications for the origin of science, development, and the current and future of humankind.

The life science sector of biotechnology is occasionally described as a rainbow with each sector having its own color code. Biotechnology is symbolized majorly by four colours. Red biotechnology is for the health and medical sector including diseases & diagnostics, green biotechnology refers to the agriculture or food, plant and environment, white or grey biotechnology indicates the industrial sector, and blue biotechnology is for aquaculture and marine.

Several Medical Journals published relevant content on biotechnology colors. Black or dark biotechnology is sometimes refers to the activities related to biowarfare and bioterrorism. Also other colors like yellow, brown, purple & gold are nominated for the sectors like – yellow biotechnology: food and nutrition, brown biotechnology: arid zone and deserts, purple biotechnology: patents, publications, inventions and IPRs, gold biotechnology: bioinformatics and nanobiotechnology. Biotechnology applies in various fields and the future may come up with flying colors through major advancements.


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