Why is Digital Revolution needed in Agriculture?

It is exciting to know about what is happening in the world of agriculture. Big data in agriculture is the leading edge of modern technology to support life. In the present technological world, data management is recognized as an opportunity to drive the work efficiently in every field.

Why Big Data? Novel technology development has rapidly transferred from sensors and agriculture machinery to big data analysis. Agriculture is experiencing digital revolution with the promise of Big Data and modern technologies.  There would be latest breakthroughs and ground-breaking discoveries every day in the field of agriculture.

Agriculture is at the forefront of latest innovations and technologies, and the livelihoods of farmers are being interrupted by advancements in biology, technology, and data science that are empowering them to produce high using less. The main factors driving the technology include: usage of less fertilizers and chemical pesticides, and also less erosion-causing tillage.  Farmers need to play a challenging role to adapt novel technologies in agricultural production.  Over the past several decades there have been remarkable advances in the breeding of agronomic crops to make them more high yielding, resilient, and adapted to local conditions.  These advances have come through a combination of conventional breeding techniques, genetic modification techniques and big data methodologies.  Firms like Monsanto and Benson Hill Biosystems are actively exploring knowledge of plant biology, physiology and genetics to make more profitable crops.

Today’s agricultural implements are high tech starting from GPS-enabled machinery to self-driving tractors.  Sensors record every aspect like location, action, and every unit of seed and fertilizer deposited and harvesting.  Agriculture big data companies like aWhere, Agribotix, AgDNA, Conservis, The Climate Corporation, FarmLogs, FarmersEdge, OnFarm, CropMetrics, Granular and Farmobile, Planet and Astro Digital, PrecisionHawk, Mavrx, HydroBio, etc. provide necessary advanced information for the best management decision in farming.

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