Discover “CROPROTECT App”: A Future Resource for Crop Protection

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Crop Protection: Plant or Crop protection is an issue of increasing concern in the current agriculture to protect cultivated crops against diseases, pests as well as competing weeds and grasses.

In present scenario, we constantly have to master new opportunities and challenges due to faster globalization in day to day life. Improved access to the knowledgeable information about pest management, weeds and diseases is required for crop protection. Online scientific Journals are also available providing with current literature and recent updates in Plant Diseases & Crop Protection.

Mobile Agricultural Apps: The android app “CROPROTECT app” is launched on Dec 3, 2015. It is a resource through which farmers can get specific information relevant to their needs such as agronomic practices, biological control methods or resistant crop varieties.

CROPROTECT is a web-based knowledge system to provide farmers and agronomists with a proper guidance on pests and disease management, especially during extreme conditions where effective pesticides are not currently available and alternative approaches are required. Croprotect also has a detailed library of data and several recommendations for the control of pests, diseases and weed species.

The CROPROTECT App, developed by Rothamsted Research and CROPROTECT project is funded by the BBSRC-NERC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Innovation Club (SARIC). The ultimate goal of the project is to provide key information that farmers and agronomists need for their crop management.

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