End-Stage Liver Disease – End of Life

Today’s world is advanced in terms of dreadful diseases along with the technology. It’s a major concern in the medical and health care field. Liver is the busiest organ in the body performing several functions required for the metabolic activities, and so attacked easily if neglected. End-stage liver disease is the situation where liver is severely damaged or liver fails to function in regular way called liver failure.

End-stage liver disease is considered to be the 12th leading cause of death in the United States. Over years chronic hepatitis B or C can cause serious liver illnesses like liver cirrhosis and potentially liver failure. Other factors apart from viral hepatitis such as heavy alcohol consumption and drug toxicity can also contribute to serious liver damage.

End-stage liver disease leads to many health complications, co infections and prevalence of depression in the patients. As liver function declines, certain medications can further harm the liver causing side effects. Hence End-stage liver disease is an ultimate end of life.  The only effective treatment for liver failure is a liver transplantation. Transplantation though a costly procedure is an effective option in saving life of the patient.


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