Explore an Ecofriendly Farming

Today’s world is dependent on  Agriculture  for satisfying the hunger of mankind. Soil occupies a major part of farming. A healthy soil yields good crop, hence a farmer needs to be knowledgeable to make soil fertile. Like other sectors, Agriculture is also into steps of modern technology. Organic farming is now gone crazy with the people becoming more health and fitness conscious. The loss of the world’s fertile soil and biodiversity pose a mortal threat to the future survival of human race.

Regenerative agriculture is a practice of organic farming which is designed with techniques to build soil health or to regenerate unhealthy soils for better farming and crop production. The food grown by Organic farming is more nutritious and chemical free, hence organic foods are more recommended.

Regenerative agriculture is promoted by various companies and enterprises which are dedicated to regenerate or revitalize soils, RegenAG® is one such community. Organic farming would definitely grow well by enabling farmers, landlords and the consumers with the knowledge to implement regenerative practices and soil management strategies. Regenerative farming offers ecological benefits like controlling soil erosion, remineralising soil, protecting the purity of groundwater and reduces damaging pesticide or fertilizer runoff. A global shift to the regenerative or organic farming leads to the healthy life and also saves our planet as the farming is to work closely with nature.

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