Does Gene Therapy Serve as an Option for Novel Disease Treatments in Future?

Medical field is always into the steps of advancements and scientific progress. Biotechnology is currently applied in diverse fields of science. Medical biotechnology research involves gene therapy for addressing the diseases caused by genetic mutations.

Gene therapy is an emerging medical field focused on disease treatments. The technology usually involves introducing genetic material into the body either to deliver a corrected copy of a gene to a patient’s cells to compensate or to modify a defective one. The genetic material is delivered to the cells by a spread of means that like infectious agent vectors. In Recent years sequence medical care has created tremendous achievements and advancements for a spread of genetic disorders likewise as non inheritable  diseases. sequence medical care holds the promise of transportation sickness modification of devastating diseases.

Gene therapy has some potential risks in the process of application. The gene therapy clinical trials are under way in the developed countries like United States. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the NIH- National Institutes of Health are into the close monitoring of the therapies to ensure the safety during clinical trials.


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