Green Glow Technology – Latest Cancer Treatment Option

Cancers can be treated by like surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted immuno therapy. The choice of treatment and therapy usually depends upon the location and the stage of the disease. The early diagnosis will be a better chance for cure. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, one of the first treatment options is surgical removal of the tumor. But determination of cancer at cellular level is the biggest challenge for the surgical treatment.

There’s a new ray of hope for cancer patients with the introduction of latest technology called Green glow technology. This approach or treatment option relies on an injectable dye, Indocyanine Green that accumulates in cancerous tissues more than normal tissues. These glowing tissues could help surgeons in the treatment.

Patient with the fear of its recurrence can also be addressed by this novel treatment method. This technology has been introduced in many western countries. One of the toughest issues after the procedure of curing cervical, mouth, breast, and brain cancer is to make sure that all the cancer cells are completely removed, as invisible cells still lurk within the body leading to the future recurrence. Several experiments are been carried out in hospitals using this technology. With the limited surgical treatment options, cancer patients lose hope on their lives. But fluorescence detection for tumor removal could change the scenario.

Biotech companies like Avelas Biosciences, Blaze, Cellectar, LumiCell and On Target are working on advanced technologies using fluorescence-guided probes for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer and sarcomas etc. through clinical trials.


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