Gut Microbial Army vs. Obesity: A Hidden Link

Human Intestine is a habitat for trillions of diverse tiny organisms, called gut microflora or microbiota. This Microbiota of gut usually contributes to normal physiology and disease susceptibility. There is a link between gut microbiota and the metabolic disorder – .

Of course, Microorganisms of gut are known to be involved in various metabolic processes like processing food and digestion, etc.  The question of this blog is to know exactly how the gut bacteria influence weight. In this perspective, Yale researchers have identified how an altered gut microbiota causes obesity. It is observed that people with fluctuations in their daily diet would find differences in the bacteria they harbor, and hence alterations in their weight. Nature Journal presented a similar case in this scenario, where the diet fluctuations including animal and plant diet immediately altered the bacteria levels.

Healthy gut can be maintained through certain healthy tips. As healthy gut bacteria is crucial to maintain normal weight. Obesity related research is supported and addressed by the NIH for healthier lives. Extensive research is under progress with a defined focus for finding out the relationship between microbial mass and health concern. Understanding the microbiota goes beyond the curiosity to explore the unknown facts. However, it could definitely unravel the epidemics of obesity.


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