Here’s Why You Should Avoid Maternal Stress

Maternal Stress: In today’s busy world, everyone feels stressed from time to time. We generally use the term “stress” when we feel that we are overloaded and cannot cope with the pressure any more. Stress can cause both physical and mental harm. Stress can be any pressure from work, family, sudden negative change and traumatic stress, also low social support, etc.

Women are more prone to experience depression and anxiety when compared with men. But when it comes to being pregnant, stress levels can affect baby even before they’re born. Early life is a demanding phase of development that spans from conception to five years of age. American Psychological Association conducted a survey and reported that stress can reduce a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant. Large populations of women die each year from conditions like hemorrhage, hypertension, pregnancy complications and childbirth.

A question arises that why is depression common in pregnancy. The specific reason for postpartum depression is still unclear. Maternal depression in early pregnancy is associated with the infants sleep at 6 months postpartum. Foetal growth and in later stages child’s development is affected by the maternal stress. Scientists propose that malnutrition and stress are two major elements that affect fetal growth. World Health Organization is actively seeking to improve the women’s health globally. Healthy and peaceful life style ways cope up with the stress. The payoff for figuring out how to manage stress is simply peace of mind which in turn makes a longer and healthier life.

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