Like Humans even Vegetables need Good Company

When it rains, we usually think of planting vegetables. If you are excited to grow a vegetable garden, then certainly you need garden wisdom which supports your thought. You need to give your plants company or a good friend. However, it may sound weird to give a friend to plant but the truth is flowers and other plants will usually attract helpful insects. These insects suppress weeds and help them grow well. Also other plants may add nutrients to the soil.

When we look back into history, companion planting was practiced by the indigenous peoples of the America. It’s helpful to think of building good plant communities as this is the crucial concept behind companion planting. Plants need good companions to thrive. In fact, relationship between plants is diverse similar to relationships between humans. In plant communities, it is known that certain plants support each other while others just don’t get along. Plants compete for resources in a community along with the growth fact. There are both pros and cons in this concept as certain plants grow quickly and occupy others taking more than their fair share of nutrition. Some plants exclude toxins that delay plant growth or may even kill plants.

By growing plants with good companions, you bring peace and prosperity to the locality. Avoid planting vegetables in large patches or long rows and interplant with flowers and herbs. Large groupings of one type of vegetables fight against problematic pests.

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