Liver: Insurance to Healthy Life

Liver is the known to be the busiest organ targeted on performing multiple tasks. The burden of the liver today is more demanding than ever. Great news about liver is – it’s the only human organ capable of regeneration and it can replace over half its structure within two weeks of an injury. Damage to liver can be slowed or halted by healthy food and lifestyle choices. Foods rich in dietary fibre and plant foods are staples in a liver-centric diet. Foods that are rich in sulfur and allium-rich foods stimulate glutathione production, a key antioxidant which aids in eliminating carcinogens and toxins.  Foods that detoxify the body and lower cholesterol can be taken in regular diet.

Liver disease is considered one of the biggest concerns now in the world within short span of years. Incidence of liver cancer is rapidly increasing among people with HIV co-infection, according to the reported knowledge in medical Journal of infectious diseases.

Always say NO to Junk foods, processed foods, consume less sugar and fried foods. Water can be the best supplement causing no harm to body. Being active with regular exercise and taking measures to manage stress and fatigue can be an added advantage. Take no more than the recommended doses of medications. All the simple tasks together can make a big task of making Liver a healthy one.


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