Novel Technology in Food Safety

Food borne illness and food contamination is the major health and economic concern all over the globe affecting millions of people. Hundreds of thousands people are hospitalised and thousands die every year. Food safety should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards.

Food can become contaminated right from the farm, during processing or distribution and transportation, food service establishments and finally at home. Food globalisation also raises the conditions for food contamination.

World Health Organisation is working for food safety and developed a distance learning tool in scientific collaboration with the Chulabhorn Research Institute- Bangkok, Thailand. This tool enables scientists and risk managers to access and examines the food contamination.

Enumeration of micro-organisms is important in food quality and safety and also for determining overall product hygiene. In Recent days, Nanyang Polytechnic – Food and Safety Centre unveiled a new system, the NYP-bioMerieux food microbiology rapid testing centre. Tempo is the new food quality indicator testing system developed by bioMerieux. TEMPO® automates food quality testing for total viable counts, count of coliforms, E. coli, Lactic acid bacteria, S. aureus, yeasts and molds. This novel technology can determine if food products are safe for consumption in approximately 24 hours, it would be a 100 per cent reduction in waiting time for the food companies.

With shorter delays in food safety tests, food manufacturers are expected to be able to accelerate the release of their products into the market and significantly reduce time spent on food inspections. USDA has incorporated the bioMérieux TEMPO® methodology into the Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook.

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