Obesity: Is it Healthy Staying Obese?

Obesity is one of the biggest concerns and is the public health issue all over the world. Obesity is characterized by excess body fat that can impend or distress your health. Obesity has been linked to many other health problems which are increasing significantly. The rate of obesity cases increased rapidly within short span of years.

A team of researchers from Georgia Southern University’s College of Public Health reported an explanation on Obesity stating that the socially acceptable body weight is increasing. Several researchers provide information on obesity and scientific literature to researchers, scholars, students, common man which would be a fruitful gift through online Journal sources. International Conference on  obesity & Diabetes explores scientific knowledge on obesity to the large audience.

A question is that how much we eat or what we eat matters in obesity.  It is possible to be obese and also healthy. Genes of individual may justify the point why some people are obese and healthy as well, while others being obese are unhealthy developing diabetes and heart disease. A study conducted by University of Pennsylvania  resulted that obese people are affected mentally and it may lead to unhealthy behaviors like overeating.

It is would be stunning to know that the ill-effects of obesity are not known to majority of the population. Obesity affects an individual in many ways not only expanding physically but it may also reason for causing heart diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, liver diseases, etc. University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden conducted a research and reported that being obese during pregnancy increases the chance of having a child with cerebral palsy.

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