Outlook on Life Saving Cells

In Today’s Medical field, umbilical cord stem cells  have gained much importance in saving lives. UCB Umbilical cord blood stem cells are the unique cells that are in the blood that remains in the attached umbilical cord and placenta of the new born. Umbilical cord stem cells in future treat several life-threatening diseases and blood disorders. Stem cell umbilical cord blood market is growing rapidly with the increased advancements as well as demand and it seems very impressive in the present days.

The umbilical cord is the rich source of young stem cells. The umbilical cord blood collected during childbirth is cryopreserved and stored either at cord banks. This cord blood would be useful at medical emergencies in treating chronic ailments in the later stages of specific child and also the family members.

There are several public and private umbilical cord blood banks across the world. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are useful in the treatment of over 80 medical illnesses.  Umbilical Cord tissue derived stem cells find potential use in treatment of various degenerative disorders of the nervous system, osteoarthritis, optic nerve atrophy, diabetes etc.  Also the research is under the way and still many more therapies are in clinical trials. Companies like CryoCell International, Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®), BioEden, Nuo Therapeutics, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Cytori Therapeutics are competitively existing to study on the current research.

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