Quest for Sports Enhancement: Doping

Doping, a most common global term heard during the national or international sport events or competitions. Sport Doping remains as a serious issue, putting an athlete’s health at risk and threatening the integrity of fair athletes along with reputation and competitive spirit of sport.

The ultimate chase for sports enhancement is as old as the sports. Several enhancements such as doping are termed to be illegal in the sports. Currently there are many strength boosters or drug supplements which are in practice. In endurance sports, athletes can get striking results with the blood doping. Gene doping has occupied its position in great extent in performance enhancement. Athletes are also widely known to rely on nutritional supplements for strength enhancement.

An International scientific review report on Doping was published in a Medical Journal. Many doping cases were reported during international sport events. For instance, Lance Armstrong, an American cycling hero was stripped of all his titles and banned for life in 2012. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has a mission for doping-free sport.

Using performance enhancing drugs is always a risky business. The long term effects of doping drugs haven’t been rigorously studied. However, short term benefits are currently tempered by many possible risks in the athletes. Doping is banned by most sports organizations worldwide to protect the reputation and sport spirit. International Olympic Committee attempted to stop the spread of doping for the past half century.


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