Rejection of Scientific Papers by Journals

A Scientific research is globally disseminated when accessed through publishing media. Researchers or scientists spend much time in finding out their goal through investigations and finally come out with the fulfilled contribution in some or other way to the progress of current knowledge.

As per the scientific Journals policies any research must pass the critical “peer review” process for possible consideration towards publication. Unfortunately, many scientists who were also Nobel laureates faced rejection of papers for being published in a scientific Journal. In fact, a rejection would not mark the failure of the researchers. Rejection may be based on certain policies of the Journal or if it’s not the right fit for the journal. However, the rejection process is only part of healthy peer review. To cite an instance, Hans Krebs’, well noted for “The Krebs Cycle” was rejected by Nature magazine.

A review process is also challenging task to the Journal Editor in finding potential reviewers, as reviewers are also busy with their professional works or scientific research. Rejection of paper do not ultimately end the research, it might be a beginning. Researchers would strongly work for the renowned piece of their work to be out into the competitive world.


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