Scientific Excellence at World Congress on Biotechnology

Cenetri Publishing Group is glad to announce the launch of scientific event – World Congress on Biotechnology, a new avenue for biotechnology professionals, addressing the aspects in multidisciplinary fields of science and biotechnology.

Modern Biotechnology is one among the fastest growing sector serving the scientific demands of the nation in terms of advanced technology output. The ultimate goal of World Congress on Biotechnology is to provide participants from academics and industries with a comprehensive understanding of the biotechnology fundamentals as it applies to various science fields with worldwide scientific exposure. The conference meet provides a meaningful platform for the world renowned scientists, researchers, academicians, institutions, students, industries and entrepreneurs through its scientific events across the globe.

This Scientific Meeting-2016 would enhance the scientific community with the participants from different fields, discussing on various crucial topics of today’s scientific and technological developments. Our conference unveil the novel advancements in the biotechnology field with lectures or scientific sessions by experts on Biotechnology in various fields like animal biotechnology, plant and environmental biotechnology, medical biotechnology, industrial, microbial and food biotechnology, etc.


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