Self Talk in Sports – A Topic of Interest to Psychologists

Self talk is the running dialogue that goes inside the head of many people all throughout the day. Self talk would be definitely a fascinating stuff from the world of sports psychology. Self-talk had a significant relationship with the sport performance, when coming to the matter of athletes. A sport is a phenomenon where athletes come across both positive and negative situations. Hence, staying positive in unavoidable situations is the hallmark of a superior athlete.  Researchers are into a belief that Positive self-talk can aid an athlete’s performance and sports success but the negative self-talk can hurt performance.

Sports Medicine Journals and sport psychological associations feature original research and investigations through scientific publications. Self-talk can be of four types such as Positive, Negative, Instructional and Neutral. For better chances of gaining advantages from self talk, sports persons should be aware of self-talk-advantages and disadvantages. A Positive self talk usually consists of inspiring words actions that rule the mind and hands for task.

Athletes can practice best ways of self-talk to earn maximum benefits. The effectiveness of self-talk in sport encourages the use of self-talk as a strategy to increase motivation, facilitate learning, enhance performance, cope with anxiety, strengthen confidence, focus attention and stress management.self talk

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