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Cenetri Publishing Group took its inception in the year 2016 for serving the scientific community worldwide. We hope that you find this publisher with scientific journals to be a stimulating and useful resource.  Its success is solely dependent on engagement with the wider scientific public, so we hope that you take the time to visit our Journals online, read the articles, comment on them, and share them with your friends, family and colleagues.

Welcome to Cenetri Publishing Group which provides you with access to the latest journal news, conferences and other resources across our publications and services. Our Journals publish articles of outstanding quality on all major disciplines such as life sciences, clinical, medical, pharma, agriculture, environmental and management studies. Each journal publishes research articles of outstanding quality with an exceptional prominence on the main aim and scope of the respective journal.

Our Publishing house provides navigation across a wide array of quality online journal articles and conference session data that support your research exploration with up-to-date developments. We are always open to receiving suggestions from scientific community for launching new journals in specific fields.cenetri

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