Stem Cells Hold a Promising Key in Anti Ageing

Stem cell science is really exciting and could potentially change the face of medicine through advanced therapeutics in treating life threatening diseases. The use of stem cells to repair damaged tissues offers potential cures for a vast range of diseases. Stem cells from one’s own body begin to sound like a miracle cure-all. In recent years promising applications of stem cell therapy are into the present and future world of regeneration.

Ageing is a complex process of every cell in the body loses its capacity to perform functions over the lifespan of an individual. Stem cell therapy can be a cure in case of repair or rejuvenation and the best renowned tool with minimal risk of rejection and side effects. Rejuvenation is an extension of life or simply the reversal of aging, this therapy may provide extended healthy longevity.

The prospects for anti-aging research on stem cells are into focus of stem cell scientists and researchers for future advancements. Bioviva USA Inc., a USA based company has worked and succeeded with the first gene therapy against human aging. The advancement of stem cell technology and research is widening everyday and brings hope to people. If proven to be medically safe, anti aging stem cells treatment is a real opportunity to look young.


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