STEM CELLS: Making Amazing Things Happen

Stem cells are considered as potential candidates to treat diseases and disorders of human body. Stem cells are very important elements of regenerative medication as they open the door to new clinical innovations and applications.

Researchers are exploring the use of stem cells in the regenerative medicine applications. Currently, stem cell therapies are seen as cutting-edge for treating illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, vision loss, osteoporosis and also in developing new pharmaceuticals.

Research scientists are focusing very keenly into the core subject of stem cells for several reasons. Stem cells are not confined to only one or two functions but can serve multiple functions with their specialized characters. Every cell in the body is derived from origin of stem cells formed in the early embryonic stages.

Stem cells can do wonders in the world of treating diseases, giving hope to many people. Stem cells represent a revolution in health care, still there is lot to go ahead with research. Several biotech companies are doing research in treating wide variety of diseases. Pfizer has been using adult stem cells to aid screening new compounds and identify safer and more effective medicines. ISCO’s scientists are focused to treat severe diseases of the eye, the nervous system and the liver.


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