Stems Cells may reduce Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic progressive disorder of the joints caused by gradual loss of articular cartilage. This articular cartilage cushions the impact on walking and produces a natural lubricant to improve the gliding of joints. The loss or degeneration of cartilage leads to inflammation and pain.

Today, latest treatments and advances in research are giving new ray of hope to people affected by Osteoarthritis- knee pain and symptoms. Stem cells have long been proclaimed as the possible solution to a number of medical conditions, including osteoarthritis.

MSCs for Knee Osteoarthritis: Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) have a potential for articular cartilage regeneration due to their ability of self-renewal and differentiation. According to the reported publication in a peer reviewed medical journal Arthroscopy, there has been a significant functional improvement in knee pain of osteoarthritic patients injected with the mesenchymal stem cell injections. In the previous year, doctors published scientific journal articles to highlight their discoveries that undifferentiated organism treatment from both bone marrow and fat sources show huge results in the repair of osteoarthritic issues.

Though stem cell treatments often have lot many controversies, Mesenchymal stem cells derived from a patient’s own tissue are injected in a concentrated form into injured area where they help the damaged ligament, joint or tendon to regenerate and heal permanently. There may not be any risk of rejection as the stem cells are derived on from one’s own body.  Researchers are busy validating the stem cell procedures for the knee treatments and publish various literatures in Stem Cell Journals.


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