Technology Advancement to Look at Live HIV Replication

A well known fact is HIV has no cure. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, once a person is diagnosed with HIV, he or she will be a carrier of the virus. HIV is known to gradually destroy the immune system by destroying CD4 cells in the body. Usually  HIV is detected through the blood tests. However the detection through blood tests may not yield fruitful results in all the cases for HIV declaration. Then the doctors would fail to suppress the HIV replication in patient’s body as a part of treatment. This would result in a situation where the diagnosis ends up with unanswered questions.

Today’s technology is moving fast into various advancements and developments in the field of science. Nature has published literature on antiretroviral therapies. A revolutionary methodology in the field of HIV therapeutics has come into existence with focus on virus eradication and HIV. An imaging technique which may be used on monkeys could change HIV treatment. A total body imaging of sites of viral infections may be quite easy in future. Also, recent application of gene editing in HIV cure research had significant progress for research development.


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