The Enemy within your Body

PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease) is the leading  cause of ovulatory infertility which  is marked by irregular periods, infertility, hair fall, weight gain, facial hair development and acne and also certain masculine changes in the body of women. This disorder makes women vulnerable to diabetes, sleep apnea and fertility complications. Risk factors for PCOD in adults include diabetes and gestational diabetes in pregnant women.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome affects about 8-10% women of reproductive age. PCOD is characterized by multiple cysts in the ovaries and is most prevalent among women of childbearing age with the disturbed hormonal functioning. What actually happens with PCOD? The condition of PCOD in women arises when there is an imbalance of sexual hormones like estrogen and progesterone causing ovulatory dysfunction.

The etiology PCOD remains unclear and however the primary treatment of PCOD is weight loss following proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle.  Women with PCOD need to seek medical advice as self treatment is not always right. Women with PCOD need to lower carbohydrate intake, increase protein and fiber, and say no to processed junk foods. It is better to stick to whole grains and millets in limited quantities and lot of fruits and vegetables. Also make sure to have enough vitamin D a little more than others. Morning walks can benefit with the better vitamin D supplementation. Researchers continue to find out ways to treat PCOD with research focusing on  environmental and genetic factors, obesity, risks. Early detection and right strategies can help to improve the condition.

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