Is There a Vaccine to Ward Off Heart Attack?

The heart is the most focused and central organ. The proper functioning of heart is essential to support life.

According to WHO & CDC, Heart disease is the leading cause of death in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Certain risk factors increase the chances of developing heart disease include high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, etc.

Heart disease symptoms vary from individual to individual. Those who experience chest pain or shortness of breath have a chance to receive life-saving treatment in a hospital. For others, sadly, sudden cardiac arrest and death are the first symptoms of heart disease they encounter all of sudden leaving no chance for survival.

High levels of low density lipoproteins are linked to cardiovascular diseases. The new AT04A vaccine works by blocking PCSK9 enzyme which in turn stops LDL cholesterol being cleared from the body.

According to a recent study published in European Heart Journal, AT04A lowered cholesterol in a mouse model having atherosclerosis. A Phase I clinical study is currently under way for further evaluations in the development of effective treatments to prevent cardiac diseases. However, this study of mouse assessed the potential of the AT04A in preventing heart disease with promising results of reduced LDL blood cholesterol levels along with the reduced atherosclerosis.

On the off chance that further clinical trials are fruitful, the AT04A vaccine could be a protected, cost effective method for bringing down LDL cholesterol and counteracting and treating heart disease.

The best way to keep your heart healthy, choose to eat a healthy and balanced diet, stay physically active, and through health life style habits.

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