Why is Winter So Painful?

Winter season is the coldest time of the year. Winter may be exciting season, but it could not be a preferable time of enjoyment for the people having musculoskeletal pain. Cold weather might aggravate the neck pain, back pain and also joint pains in knee or elbow. Winter season can be painful and also it can be cruel towards the spondylosis patients. It may also steal their sleep with the terrible pain.

Why is Winter Cruel towards Spondylosis Patients?

As the temperatures usually go down in winters, people suffering from cervical spondylosis have a tough time. Cold weather can shrink the tissues, causing them to pull on the nerve endings resulting in joint pain. It is believed that when it is cold the nerve endings become extremely sensitive and the muscles surrounding the nerves tense up. The body has to work harder to keep itself warm during winter, thereby putting greater load on the heart and the blood pressure too shoots up during winter.

Middle-aged and elderly people are usually affected with this condition. With the advanced technology and usage of computers and mobile phones in recent days, even youngsters are predisposed to developing cervical spondylitis in early stages of life.

Ignoring signs of spondylosis for longer time could eventually damage the entire spinal cord which may result in paralytic condition. Keeping body warm, regular exercise, proper posture, fomentation and proper medication may be advised to follow during winter.  Sometimes it would not be manageable to stop that pain by pain killer or other hot or cold therapies. At last, Prevention is always the key to avoid degenerative bone diseases.

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