Cenetri Publishing Group is also open for mutual collaborations and to promote Open access, Cenetri Publishing Group invites collaborators from all over the world to carry out promotions in a symbiotic manner. As Cenetri is an upcoming scientific publisher, we highly take care of the journals we deal and the conferences we host, concentrating mainly on open accessing the research to a maximum extent.  Cenetri provides a platform for knowledge sharing between the members of various scientific societies.

The basic idea of our collaborations is “supporting research and open access”. Cenetri Group definitely supports genuine products and their companies and expects the same support from such companies.

Cenetri welcomes various scientific societies/associations, corporate sectors, industries and organizations to come forward for these mutually beneficial partnerships.

The mutual benefits of Collaborating with Cenetri will include but not limited to,

  • Cenetri promotes the Company/Organization through the website and expects the same to be done on their web pages about Cenetri
  • The collaborators can receive an international promotion
  • The Collaborator can choose a journal of choice which will be declared as their official journal
  • The collaborators can publish any number of manuscripts during the membership time
  • Two of their members are free to attend the Conferences held by Cenetri Group
  • If the number of attendees from these collaborating groups exceeds two, special discounts will be offered on registration charges.
  • The Collaborating companies will also be promoted in the Cenetri Conferences and workshops
  • A stall in the relevant conference and a session in the workshop can be handled by these collaborating organizations
  • The logo of these collaborating companies will be displayed on the website on their relevant journal’s page throughout the tenure.
  • These collaborators can reach similar companies through our events and provide a comparative assessment of their products to the users.
  • The collaborations will make scientists of various associations come on one platform and exchange ideas, strengthen their healthy scientific relationships
  • The membership links of the collaborated societies will be displayed on the website of Cenetri

For a detailing on the collaborations and the customized mutual understanding policies, the interested sectors can reach us at collaborations@cenetrionline.org