Journal of Food Research and Nutrition (JFRN) is an open access journal under Cenetri Publishing Group, which is intended to create awareness about the advancements in the field of Food, nutrition, the research being carried out for the wellness of the society.

Food, the primary need of a living being, includes a vast number of consumable substances that provides nutritional support to the living beings. The primary source of food is plants and the animals serve as a secondary source.

Diet can be defined as the total amount of food consumed by an organism and a proper diet includes the necessary fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins. These nutrients are required for the growth, reproduction and maintenance of an organism, enhancement of the defense mechanism of the body.

Malnutrition is a leading issue in the present days throughout the world. It is a condition in which the nutrition provided is either over or under the required units. So, not only the developing or underdeveloped countries but also the developed countries are facing the issues of malnourishment.

Journal of Food Research and Nutrition takes its part of the responsibility to bring these issues and the solutions at a platform and make the readers aware of the research, advancements and techniques in food manufacturing as well as a proper idea on the diet.

Journal of Food Research and Nutrition welcomes authors with scientific interest to publish their original research, reviews, case reports, editorials, short communications etc., to Journal of Food Research and Nutrition and the manuscripts received will be appropriately scrutinized with a peer review process and only quality manuscripts are published after getting the acceptance from the expert team.

Dr. Janelle Marshall Walter, PhD
Family and Consumer Sciences
Baylor University, USA
Dr. Dongmin Liu, PhD
Department of Human Nutrition
Virginia Tech, USA
Dr. Vijai K. S. Shukla, PhD
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Young W. Park, PhD
Dept. of Food Science & Technology
University of Georgia, USA
Dr. Amir Alakaam, PhD
Department of Nutrition & Dietetics
University of North Dakota, USA
Dr. David Milen, PhD
Department of Nutrition & Dietetics
Benedictine University, USA
Dr. Yonghui Li, PhD
Department of Grain Science and Industry
Kansas State University, USA
Dr. Elena Simone, PhD
School of Food Science and Nutrition
University of Leeds, UK
Dr. Xingbin Yang, PhD
College of Food Engineering & Nutritional Science
Shaanxi Normal University, China
Dr. Yus Aniza Yusof, PhD
Department of Process and Food Engineering
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Marywood University, USA