Cenetri Publishing Group offers memberships in publishing to all the researchers, in the interest of the authors for making their research closer to the audience in much more nominal costs. These memberships reduce the Article Processing Charges (APCs), that favors the authors and to maintain a prolonged scientific relation.

Cenetri Publishing Group has introduced memberships to encourage the idea of open accessing research in various research communities as well as individual researchers.

Cenetri Publishing Group offers individual, institutional memberships, organizational as well as the allied memberships that can be yearly, three-year or five-year memberships

  • Individual memberships can be availed by any individual researcher who may be a scientist, a professor, a researcher, an associate or any other scientifically interested person.
  • Institutional memberships are the memberships for a recognized Institutions or Universities or any other educational services
  • Organizational membership is introduced for scientific societies and professional associations
  • Allied membership is coined in favor of industries, corporate companies
Membership assistance includes

  • The member individuals/institutions/organizations/corporations can submit any number of articles during the period of the membership to Cenetri Publishing Group journals.
  • The individual membership offers the member to attend one conference per year that is organized by Cenetri Publishing Group at free of cost. In case of other memberships, two members are allowed for the conference at zero charges.
  • The name and logo of the registered institution/organization/corporation will be displayed as “endorsement partners” on the website of Cenetri Publishing Group during the membership tenure.
  • These member institutions/organizations/corporations will be free to conduct one workshop in the series of workshops conducted by Cenetri Publishing Group.
  • The registered industries/companies can promote their products on the website as well as any one conference hosted by Cenetri Publishing Group.
  • The memberships are intended to make the authors’ job easier as they will not be bothered about Article processing charges during the membership.
  • Faster processing of manuscripts will be provided to the members
  • More and more Articles can be published on a single platform
  • The members can submit their manuscripts to any of Suitable journals in the Cenetri Publishing Group

Apart from these, Cenetri Publishing Group also offers customized membership plans for those individuals or organizations who do not fall in the mentioned criteria and the related queries can have answers when emailed to membership@cenetrionline.org