Open Access (OA), as the name suggests is to provide the free access to the information furnished online. The data available under open access is digital, not only freely accessible but also is also limitless and unconstrained. It can be read, downloaded, saved as many times as required.

The overtaking of Print publications by Online or E-Publishing was a milestone and now the Open Access that overtook various other means of publishing, is considered as another great milestone in the field of publishing.

This concept of Open Access has emerged when the researchers started facing difficulties from a lack of access to literature. Previously, it was only the conventional subscribed journals or the Toll Access (TA) journals that use to rule the scientific community where the reader needs to pay a toll to get access to the literature. OA has removed these barriers between the upcoming scientific researchers and the available scientific literature. The concept of Open Access (OA) is denoted by an opened lock symbol.

Cenetri Publishing Group is providing around 16 open access journals in various fields of Science and Engineering to encourage the younger generations, both the researchers and readers to reach a single platform for the current trends and advancements.

Open Access has various benefits, like

  • Open Access maximizes the visibility of the work submitted
  • Researchers can avail maximum related research
  • The work can be published in a related journal of their choice
  • The quality of the manuscript can be improved by the review process
  • Economical and faster Publishing
  • Permanent Archiving of the published articles
  • Avoids plagiarism (Copying of Content) by others from the submitted data
  • No Copyright and licensing restrictions
  • Maximum data can be provided as there is no limit for research and review articles
  • Strong references obtained through OA can be provided to support the data
  • Experts can apply the findings in their research