Peer-review process, the name itself discloses the meaning of conducting a review process by peers. The review process is a system of evaluating the submitted manuscripts to ensure the quality and validity of the information provided for the suitability of publication. The manuscripts will be assigned to experts or professionals of the respective fields to analyze them in various aspects.

Every journal under Cenetri Publishing Group is supported by a list of outstanding researchers of the respective field in its Editorial and Reviewer Boards. With the help of these editors and reviewers, a manuscript is scrutinized properly before publishing. Every manuscript received by Cenetri will undergo the peer-review process, where the manuscript will be reviewed by a minimum of three researchers of the same field (who are called reviewers). These reviewers will evaluate the manuscript in detail and analyze its usefulness to the scientific community and provides their comments to make the data more acceptable.

Cenetri Publishing Group follows a double-blinded peer-review process, where the details of the authors will not be disclosed to the reviewers and vice versa. This ensures zero impact on the reviewers from authors to accept the manuscript and the reviewers can provide their views or comments boldly without any hesitations.

The manuscripts submitted will be published only after getting complete acceptance from two-thirds of the reviewers it is assigned to. Cenetri promises an accurate and faster peer review process. As per our guidelines, the whole process will take a minimum of 45 days and the first decision on the manuscript will be provided within 21 days from the date of submission.

In brief, Peer-review process

  • Improves the quality of manuscript
  • Increases the transparency of the data
  • Maintains the standard of all the manuscripts published
  • Formatting, technical and syntax errors can be avoided
  • Avoids confusions on the information as it is thoroughly evaluated by experts
  • Provides an appreciation for the quality research
  • Helps in improving the data through multiple revisions
  • Ensures the data provided is not already published or copied
  • Avoids publishing low-quality manuscripts

Finally, this peer review process forms a basement for the Open Access System of Publishing on which a trust on OA is created.